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Tsingtao Singapore

Tsingtao was first exported to Singapore in 1965 under a private distributor and is the first Chinese beer brand to enter the Singapore beer market. With a strong belief in the Singapore beer industry, Mr Liang, after having been with Tsingtao Brewery in Qingdao for 25 years came to Singapore in 1999 and consolidated the brand under Qingdao Brewery Singapore Private Limited (QBS).

During these 20 years, QBS remains the sole and authorised distributor of Tsingtao Beer in Singapore and Malaysia. QBS remains committed to the Tsingtao Brand and is one of the oldest single brand distributors in Singapore. Uncompromising in its quality, Tsingtao is freshly brewed from the seaport city of Qingdao and exported to Singapore directly, ensuring the freshness of the beer enjoyed worldwide.

“Pleasure and perfection are timeless pursuits – and we continue to pursue both”.

Brand Story

Tsingtao Brewery was founded by German and British settlers in the sea port city of
Qingdao in August 1903 and is the earliest brewery in China.

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Tsingtao is crafted with carefully selected ingredients from all over the world: fresh spring water from Laoshan Mountain (well known for its purity of water); yeast from Germany; barley malt from Australia, Canada and France; high-quality hops and rice from Western China.

Tsingtao is proud to be the official sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Tsingtao is also the sole beer supplier at the Quicken loans Arena, home to NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, the first of such agreement to be signed between an NBA team and a Chinese beer brand in the United States

According to the 2017 ranking of the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China published by the Global Brand Lab, Tsingtao ranks among the Fortune 500 companies and has been on top of the Chinese beer industry for the 14th consecutive year .

Brewing Process

With a commitment to quality and a respect for tradition, Tsingtao has become
the No. 1 beer in China and the No. 1 Chinese beer in America.

Great beer, all in good time.

The highest level of care goes into making every batch of Tsingtao beer.
And it all begins with the land. We source the top-quality malt, trusting
only the world’s most talented maltsters. Then we embark on a complex,
but rewarding process. Here’s a quick look at how we make your Tsingtao.

We do the mash.

The grain is carefully cracked to expose the starches while keeping the
husks intact, then it’s time for “mashing in”. We load a mash tun with a
precise ratio of grain and hot water, blend it, and then let it rest at a
specific temperature. This allows the starches to convert into fermentable
sugars, resulting in a mixture of sweet malt sugar and water called wort.

We give it some clarity.

Now the wort is placed in a lauter tun where it passes through screens. Then it’s recirculated to the top of the grain bed where the husks act as another filter, clarifying the wort.

We drop the hops.

The next step is lautering, or “sparging”, where the remaining sugars are rinsed from the grain bed and the wort us transferred into the brew kettle. We add hops to lend bitterness, then bring the wort to boil to remove any undesirable proteins. More hops are added near the end of the boil, this time to impart flavor and to give it that pleasant Tsingtao aroma.

Where to buy

Tsingtao is available in all major leading supermarkets, selected hotels and restaurants.

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